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Process Mining with Celonis - Potential in Ophthalmology?

The analysis of large amounts of data to optimize clinical processes is a great challenge, but essential to save costs and to reduce the length of stay and waiting time of patients. However, there is often the problem that the optimization of "patient paths" is based on only a non-representative sample and thus does not reflect reality. Process mining describes a new method of process optimization and has already arrived in industry. To what extent it also has potential in medicine and especially in ophthalmology, we discuss here with Mr. Endres from the company Celonis.


Informed Consent via YouTube? - Is that possible?

In this article we talk to Prof. Claus Cursiefen, Director of the Center for Ophthalmology about the possibilities of YouTube and video education in ophthalmology. We also ask him questions about new technologies such as artificial intelligence, especially in ophthalmic imaging, and generally what ophthalmology of the future will look like.

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Institute management from the boat? - A professor shows how it's done!

Prof. Sebastian Kummer is head of the Institute of Transport Economics and Logistics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and an endowed professor at Jilin University in Changchun, China. He has been doing at least 50% of the management of his institute in a decentralized way for several years from a catamaran with which he sails the world's oceans. In the following, we conduct a Digital Ophthalmology interview with Prof. Kummer and ask him about his experiences on the topic of integrating NewWork components such as decentralized and flexible working, fulfilling life dreams and compatibility with long-established, university structures.