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We come from a university environment and are integrated into a large international, cross-continental network of specialists and service providers in all areas of application of digital ophthalmology. 

We are particularly interested in disruptive technologies and processes that are not primarily related to ophthalmology and can contribute to the development of new problem areas in the context of translational research.

Siebelmann SW

Sebastian Siebelmann

Head of Digital-Ophthalmology.net

Sebastian is the founder of Digital-Ophthalmology.net. He is himself a passionate ophthalmologist and corneal, cataract and refractive surgeon. He is also an experienced researcher and associate professor at the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany. He is driven by an enthusiasm for the digital transformation of ophthalmology.

Founder Ophthalmologist Researcher Refractive Surgeon Germany Europe

Lena Schiffbauer

Online Editor

Lena Schiffbauer studied online editing and graduated from the Technical University of Cologne, Germany in 2021. Since then, she has worked as a social media manager and editor for various (online) formats and companies. Her fields of work include community management as well as content creation for social media and websites. 

Online Editor Social Media Manager Content Creator Germany Europe

Alexander Händel


Alexander is a resident at the Center for Ophthalmology at the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany. His clinical and research activities are focused on the anterior segment of the eye, especially lamellar corneal transplants, keratoconus and new types of femtosecond laser applications.

Ophthalmologist Researcher Germany Europe

Mohamed Ghaly

Author, Search Engine Specialist

After medical school and residency in Cairo, Egypt, Mohamed completed his residency in Germany. He is Cataract- , Cornea- and refractive Surgeon in AOB-Augenkliniken, Hamburg and Care-Vision, Germany as well as in the Barrada Eye Clinic, Egypt. Through his research work, he aims to increase awareness of Keratoconus and other eye diseases in Europe and Africa. Moreover, he is specialized in search engine interest analysis in ophthalmology.

Ophthalmologist Researcher Cornea- Katarakt- Refractive Surgeon Germany Egypt Europe Africa


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