We are digital.

Our mission


Digital-Ophthalmology.net deals with the digital transformation of ophthalmology.  Digital transformation affects a wide range of areas in the field of ophthalmology.


Our mission is to drive the digital transformation of ophthalmology.


Especially in the field of ophthalmology, digitalization has the potential to make an enormous contribution to the solution of disease-, patient-, process-, but also environmental-specific problems.

In addition to the patient's medical history, these include diagnostics, individual decision-making processes, preoperative planning, intraoperative optimization of processes and interventions, and postoperative progress monitoring.

Superordinate to these processes are, on the one hand, communication between payers and service providers, whether regional, supraregional or global. In addition, digital transformation processes can also be viewed separately from the individual or from individual organizations.

Rather, they can be placed in the overall context of national and international health economic processes.

This may involve the temporal and geographic occurrence and progression of different disease patterns, but it may also be real-time imaging or even prediction of the need for resources or capacity in the health care system.

Within the Digital-Ophthalmoology.net project, we would like to present exciting projects in particular, in order to enable young scientists to establish networks for the execution of their projects.

Furthermore, we see a close contact between (university) science, industry and ambulatory, also office-based care as essential in order to turn ideas into projects.

The implementation of these projects and the subsequent integration of research results into clinical practice are essential in order to achieve measurable success for patient care, sustainable ophthalmology, or in the context of progressive working models of the "New Work" concept in the sense of home office, flexibility, telemedicine and digital consultation hours.

Our mission statement in brief

  • Expand networks, make contacts - We present exciting projects.
  • Creating translational applications - We bring new technologies and ways of thinking to ophthalmology.
  • Find users - We create contacts between developers and users.


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