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Heidelberg AppWay graphic

Heidelberg AppWay - Artificial intelligence becomes reality in ophthalmology!

Many studies have already shown that artificial intelligence can make many things easier in ophthalmology. Until now, however, there has been a lack of real-life examples of application in clinical practice. The path from the development of an algorithm to the clinic was also a major hurdle. With Heidelberg AppWay, Heidelberg Engineering has now developed a solution to these problems.


MIKAJAKI- A start-up is developing the all-in-one solution for automated, multimodal imaging.

Digital and remote ophthalmic patient care has always been limited by the availability of multimodality and automated imaging. The start-up MIKAJAKI is now trying to solve this problem with their EyeLib system and offers an Artificial Intelligence supported all-in-one solution for automated and intelligent ophthalmic diagnostics. In the following interview, CEO Yann Voillot tells us what EyeLib can do for us ophthalmologists and for the patients.


ESCRS Virtual 2022 - Take the digital track!

This year's ESCRS Winter Meeting will be held virtually from February 18-20, 2022. In this article we take you into the program of the virtual meeting and show you the highlights of digitalization, automation and digital transformation of the European cataract and refractive community. Register for the ESCRS virtual now.


Xeno-Hoc - A Japanese start-up is pushing artificial intelligence to its limits.

Xeno-Hoc is a Japanese startup specializing in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms. Especially in the field of automated image data analysis in ophthalmology, the research group of founder Hiroki Masumoto (Head Prof. Hitoshi Tabuchi, Hiroshima, Japan) has published a number of high-profile publications. Moreover, the work group is also specialized in both anterior and posterior segment imaging of the eye.