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The Digital Patient Journey in Ophthalmology - An Interview with Florian Kretz.

More and more ophthalmological patients inform themselves about their diseases or operations on the Internet. However, this often involves being exposed to misinformation. Misinformation can cause uncertainty or even anxiety among patients. It can also mean that patient compliance or therapy adherence is no longer guaranteed. But how do we prevent this through the digital patient journey and what information do responsible patients need at what point in time? We talk about this with Florian Kretz in our interview.

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Digital Ophthalmology - A Path to Sustainability?

Sustainability has also become a prominent topic in ophthalmology. But what does this actually mean? Does it always require major changes or can each individual contribute to it? And what is the significance of digitalization in ophthalmology? We talk about these topics in our interview with Inger Lüdeke.

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5 Digital Trends In Ophthalmology You Should Not Miss

Digital technologies are expanding and complementing more and more examination techniques in ophthalmology. "Digital technologies" is a somewhat fuzzy term in this context. In this article, we bring some order to the different digital technologies in ophthalmology.

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12 digital startups in ophthalmology you shouldn't miss!

Digital startups will significantly change the landscape of ophthalmology in the future - we're sure of it! That's why we set out to find the 12 startups we think you shouldn't miss! We found great digital products and ideas that can really make ophthalmology better in the future! Have fun reading!