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Digital transformation at the university hospital - Münster, Germany shows the way!

As referral hospitals, university hospitals mostly act as links between outpatient and clinical patient care. This implies that they have a large volume of patient contacts. In this context, they are regarded as competence centers where particularly challenging clinical pictures are treated. Due to the large number of external referring physicians, optimal communication between university hospitals, patients and referring physicians is also necessary. In addition, university hospitals still have to fulfill a teaching and research mandate, which presents them with major challenges. Lea Holtrup and Nicole Eter, MD, PhD, describe how the digital transformation of ophthalmology can help in an overview article on digitization projects at Münster University Eye Hospital.

DopaVision Website

Dopavision - A German StartUp fights myopia!

Myopia is on the rise in children and adults worldwide. This is probably favored by our dominating close-up and screen work, but also by evolutionary unaccustomed environmental stimuli, such as the predominant stay indoors. Studies provide controversial data here. As one of the first German start-ups from the field of ophthalmology, Dopavision has declared war on the myopic pandemic with an interesting treatment approach. In the following, we talk to Stefan Zundel, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Dopavision.


Intraoperative OCT - Now also in the femtosecond laser available!

Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography is a novel and digital imaging technique now widely used, at least in university hospitals, that enables imaging using OCT during ophthalmic surgery. While this technology was previously applied either hand-held, or as a microscope-integrated form, the technology is now also available in a femtosecond laser.


Glaucare - A German start-up manages your patients' glaucoma.

The German start-up Glaucare aims to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from glaucoma. In doing so, it wants to support both patients and ophthalmologists in a fully integrated way during diagnostics, therapy finding and even in case of a surgical intervention in the immediate postoperative phase. In addition, the focus of this article is on the extent to which working in a health care start-up can be more attractive for young students than working directly in a clinical setting.


ESCRS Virtual 2022 - Take the digital track!

This year's ESCRS Winter Meeting will be held virtually from February 18-20, 2022. In this article we take you into the program of the virtual meeting and show you the highlights of digitalization, automation and digital transformation of the European cataract and refractive community. Register for the ESCRS virtual now.