12 digital startups in ophthalmology you shouldn't miss!

Digital startups will significantly change the landscape of ophthalmology in the future - we're sure of it! That's why we set out to find the 12 startups we think you shouldn't miss! We found great digital products and ideas that can really make ophthalmology better in the future! Have fun reading!

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With the advent of digital technologies, ophthalmology has seen a significant transformation. Digital startups are at the forefront of this transformation, providing innovative solutions to improve the quality of eye care. In this article, we will introduce 12 digital startups in ophthalmology that will change the game in eye care in the future - we are sure!


Altris AI

Ukrainian-US-american startup Altris AI provides an ecosystem for AI-assisted analysis of OCT datasets. It can not only distinguish between healthy and pathological, but also detect more than 100 retinal diseases - including rare diseases. Altris AI provides its service online on a platform, but now also has collaborations with major OCT manufacturers such as Topcon and Optopol.

More on: https://www.altris.ai



The Norwegian start-up specializes in eye tracking, developing innovative products to diagnose eye movement disorders. The BulbiCAM enables a complete neuroophthalmological assessment of the patient, supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition, the platform is telemedicine-ready.

More on: https://bulbitech.com



German startup Deepeye provides Artificial Intelligence-powered decision support for ophthalmologists in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases. It supports ophthalmologists by automatically analyzing optical coherence tomography image data, providing a second opinion and predicting future appointments. This is an important topic, especially because the need for intravitreal injections is increasing as patients with diabetes and age-related macular degeneration grow.

More on: https://sites.google.com/deepeye.ai/deepeye/home


Digital Diagnostics

The startup DigitalDiagnostics is the pioneer in the field of AI in ophthalmology and retinal diagnostics. With their IDx-DR, DigitalDiagnostics have the world's first AI algorithm for the detection of diabetical retinopathy approved by the FDA. Impressive! The device has just been renamed LumineticsCore and is already in real-world use many times over. We are excited to see what else is to come from DigitalDiagnostics in the future.

More on: https://www.digitaldiagnostics.com



The French company Glasspop has already fully launched its product on the market. Every day, Glasspop autorefractors already perform more than 5000 examinations. In doing so, they save time and improve the performance of the refraction. Great idea with great potential for practice. When will this be available as a pocket-sized mobile device?

More on: https://www.glasspop.co


Lumata health

Lumata health offers an exciting, virtual portfolio- all about our patients with ophthalmic diseases. In doing so, the company significantly contributes to keeping a digital ophthalmology practice running. They call patients, make appointments, take data, care for patients virtually before and after eye surgeries and take care of authorizations and monitor and manage patients with chronic eye diseases. Gives us doctors time to focus on what's important!

More on: https://lumatahealth.com



French start-up MIKAJAKI specializes in a fully automated imaging solution in ophthalmology. True to the motto "One device for everything", the EyeLib diagnostic platform performs almost all ophthalmological examinations - in one device; duration 6 minutes per patient. The platform is telemedicine-ready and leaves virtually nothing to be desired. What more could you want?

More on: https://mikajaki.ai


Mona health

The Belgian startup Mona has set itself the task of simplifying the diagnosis of diabetical retinopathy, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration and making it available to a large number of patients with the help of an AI algorithm that autonomously evaluates patients' fundus photos. Thus, long waiting times for a doctor's appointment can be shortened. Sounds like it could save eyesight!

More on: https://mona.health



Oivi is a startup from Norway and India that also specializes in early detection and automated diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy using fundus photographs. Oivi builds smart devices that perform an optical scan of the eye and then automatically diagnose diabetical retinopathy based on AI.

More on: https://www.oivi.co



The startup Orcam offers smart devices that enable visually impaired patients to cope better in everyday life. A camera records texts, but also faces, banknotes, etc. and reads them out or communicates with the wearer. A great invention - according to TIME magazine, which named Orcam's products one of the best inventions of 2019. 

More on: https://www.orcam.com/



Retinai is a Swiss startup specializing in the development of Artificial Intelligence supported algorithms for the automatic detection of retinal diseases. The algorithms are based on OCT data. The startup offers different platforms and operates independently of specific devices or institutes. The software is therefore universally applicable. Interestingly, the company Heidelberg Engineering has already implemented Retinai's algorithm.

More on: https://www.retinai.com


TwentyTwenty Therapeutics

The California-based startup aims to improve overall eye care with combinations of microelectronics, therapeutic and surgical eye care, diagnostics and prevention, and artificial intelligence and digital technologies. The company is a joint venture between Verily Life Sciences and Santen Pharmaceuticals. Sounds like something big is coming soon!

More on: https://twentytwenty.com


In conclusion, digital startups are playing a significant role in advancing the field of ophthalmology. The development of innovative solutions for diagnostics and treatment of eye-related problems has the potential to revolutionize eye care. The future of ophthalmology is exciting, with the potential for digital diagnostics and therapy, remote and home devices as well virtual reality technologies. With the help of digital startups, we can look forward to a brighter future for the field of ophthalmology and for patients with eye-related problems.